Can I use both Dreamweaver and VS .NET?

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Is it possible to use Dreamweaver to make the design of a 
homepage, and then use VS .NET 2003 to make the 
programing? If it is possible, can someone tell me how to 
open the files in VS .NET?
The easiest method is to create the project in Visual Studio first and then
open in Dreamweaver. If this is impossible, create a new project in an
existing directory (one of the project types) and put in the URL for the
website. You will then have to add files from the folder into your Visual
Studio project, by clicking show all files (top of Solution Explorer),
selecting the .ASPX, .HTML, etc., files, right clicking and "add to
Thanks Gregory!

That answer solved all my problems...:)

Studio first and then
project in an
the URL for the
into your Visual
Solution Explorer),
and "add to