Deployment project - How to put a file into Common Application Data folder

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

I have a merge module that needs to place a file in to the Common Application Data folder
(C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\)

I have created a folder in the File System Editor that I called CommonDataFolder.
The default location is blank and the Property is COMMONAPPDATAFOLDER.
I then put a folder under it called KMSYS Worldwide (our company name) and under that folder I placed my new file.

When I run the install, the KMSYS Worldwide folder and my new file are placed under the product install directory.

How do I get the KMSYS Worldwide directory and its contents under
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\

Hi Roy,

The general convention to do such task under VS.NET 2003 IDE is adding a 
special folder in the "File System on Target Machine", but there is no such 
"Common Application Data" special folder in the VS2003. 

Another approach is adding a custom folder instead, then specify its 
Property as COMMONAPPDATAFOLDER, but there is no corresponding 
DefaultLocation available in VS.NET 2003. So you may need to modify the 
compiled .msi package outside the VS2003 IDE. I suggest you post this 
question to the microsoft.public.platformsdk.msi newsgroup, you may get 
more specific help there.

Thanks for your understanding!

Best regards,

Gary Chang
Microsoft Community Support