Issue with Shared Rows in ... (Correction)

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Im having a DataGridView (2005) with a column hosting DateTimePicker 
control, I got the code in the VS documentation. The problem is that it fails 
when the user clicks on a row that's shared (since the row index is -1), I 
don't want to prevent all rows from being shared, but I suppose that I have 
unshare the row that is being clicked. If this is the solution, then, how do 
I do that?
You can handle the CellMouseDown event of the DataGridViewRow to catch the 
row before anything changes. There are all kinds of ways to unshare rows. 
One of the simplest is to access the Row through the 
DataGridViewRowCollection.Item property.
Thank you for answering Kevin. I'll try it and let you know.
I did it and it worked. Thank you