Moveing labels and other components

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

VS 2005 - Pro - VB - XP Media edition.

I create a new page, I go to the toolbox and double click a component lets 
say a label. It creates the label for me, but I cannot move it around and 
place it on the page where I want it to go.
If I move the cursor to the beginning and hit enter it will move it down one 
line feed.

How can I get it to create the components so I can move them wherever I 


I am guessing you are working with ASP.NET.  By default, ASP.NET uses what 
is called a flow layout, meaning items are placed from left to right, top to 

You have to options to be able to absolutely position items.

1. Set the form to use GridLayout.
2. Use CSS to position items.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Steve
That worked great.
The permissions thing didn't

Thanks for answering both questions