Programatically Select a TreeView Node

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Hi there,

I've looked around the different groups and still can't figure this
out without resorting to scrappy code............

I want to programtically select and highlight a TreeView node, such
that it looks the same as if a user has clicked it.

I'm aware about the SelectedNode property, but this just seems to
expand the TreeView to show the node in question, but not highlight

I'm aware that I could change the back and fore colour, but this seems
like trying to workaround something that I'd assume to be simple?

Is there an easy way for me to do what I'm after and still have the
TreeView in a normal state, such that if I then go and click a
different node after, that one is highlighted like usual and the
previously programmatically selected node is no longer highlighted /

Thanks in advance,