Re: Devenv.exe Memory Usage

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

I thought I am the only one having problems with the memory used by Visual
Studio .NET 2003 (devenv.exe).
Please take a look at my post called:

Bug in Visual Studio 2003:   160 --> 750 MB RAM on file open

it is located right beside Your posting on the timeline.
I have described a work around for my problem, may be it will work for You
as well. Good Luck!

George Valkov

on it.  The server is a dual 2.8 zeon box with 4 gig's of ram and only 5
active developers using it.  For whatever reason one of my programmers
devenv.exe processes is using 180+ megs of ram, where as everyone else is
using 50 megs or less.  He also has complained of lockups.  Is there anyway
to troubleshoot this and what are some possible causes.
1. I had no important settings.
2. I had no time to waste in searching what's the problem.
3. I had the registry key backed-up (just in case).
4. I deleted the entire key.
5. It worked for me :-)

Good Luck!

George Valkov