Sharing a connection string between multiple projects

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Hi all,

Does anybody know about a good way to share a connection string
between multiple projects in Visual Studio .NET? I currently store my
connection string in the Web.config file of my ASP.NET application and
it works fine. However, I would know like to add a Windows front-end
using the same connection string.

Many thanks for your suggestions,

Registry is an easy solution, but realize you have to write the entry on
every computer that uses it. You can also place a file in a predicatable
location, if this is a bit heady.
Thanks for your reply Gregory! 

Not sure about the registry idea... however adding a config file to
the Solution Items folder in VS.NET is probably the best thing to do
to solve my problem.

You can also create an XML file that sits in a central location. Overall,
the config file is an easy solution, and there are plenty of exmples that
show you how to encrypt this string.