Unable to build project in Deployment project due to duplicate folder names

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Hi All,

I am getting an error in my Web Deployment Project, "ERROR: Unable to build 
project output group 'Content Files from XXXX'.  The scenario I am trying to 
get working is to dynamically determine which set of images to be deployed 
based on what options are chosen during setup.

I have 3 projects and 1 deployment project.  These are:  'Primary', 
'Brand_1', 'Brand_2' and 'SetupPrimary'.  Primary has the full directory 
structure, including default branding images with build actions set to 
"None" (simply so I can see something on my dev environment), and both 
Branding projects have the same directory structure which will 'replace' the 
default directory structure during packaging and deployment.

In Setup Primary I am including the content output from both Brand_1 and 
Brand_2 each with a condition to be deployed only if the correct brand is 
entered in a textbox during installation.

The problem is that while all projects build fine individually, I am getting 
the above error when building the Setup Project with Brand_2.  I believe 
this to be because of the known issue in VS.NET with duplicate folder names, 
but can't think of a neat and easy way around it.

Can anyone provide a solution/workaround to this problem?

I hope this makes sense

Thanx in Advance

Rob Manger
[email protected]
I figured out what the problem was.
It lay in the fact I had copied one Brand Project to create the new Brand 
Project.  I thought I had changed all GUIDs etc sufficiently, but obviously 
I hadn't.  I solved the problem by deleting the project, creating a new one 
from scratch, adding the relevant files and re-setting-up the Setup Project 
and everything is working hunky dory now.
Cheers anyway