VS2008 - IE says that it can't show page

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Hi all,

I have just installed VS2008 Standard Ed.  in a machine that already has 
VS2005.  When I run a web page built with VS2008, IE shows a message that 
says that it can't show the page.

So I installed VS2008 SP1 hoping that this would be solved, but it still 
keeps displaying the same error.

Any help will be very appreciated.

Please provide more detailed information.
Exactly what type of web project did you create, and what types of controls 
are on the page that will not display?
Did you try rendering the page outside of Visual Studio? Do you get the same 
error? Also, please quote the entire error message received.
These details are needed to try to isolate your problem, as I (and others 
ahve reported) have VS 2003, VS 2005 and VS 2008 installed on a PC here, and 
there are no issues with web pages from web projects, either within VS 2008 
or directly in a browser.