Visual studio 6.0 the same thing as VS.Net?

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Is visual studio 6.0 enterprises edition the same thing as Microsoft Visual 
Studio .NET?
I have visual studio 6.0 enterprise edition, but i need to be able to open 
and complile Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2.0 files. Can I do it? If not, 
what should I do?
If I have VS.NET then I am able to open the VS 6.0 files right?
Visual Studio 6 was the last pre .NET version and knows nothing about .NET. 
Thus, you cannot open any solution produced in any .NET version of Visual 
Studio (VS .NET 2002, VS .NET 2003 or VS 2005) in VS 6.
If you have a solution from VS 2005 (uses .NET Framework v2.0), you must use 
VS 2005 to open it. You'll need to purchase the appropriate edition of VS 
2005, or you might get by with one or more of the Express Editions, 
available as free downloads:

You can attempt to open VS 6 projects in VS 2005 and convert. The amount of 
recoding necessary will depend on the project template and language used.